Day 1
Friday, February 27, 2015
Day 2
Saturday, February 28, 2015
Day 3
Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sustainable Seafood: Classic Ceviche Sponsored by Bagatelle NYC

Join us for a workshop to help consumers and business owners understand sustainable seafood issues. The art of combining fish with vegetables, fruits and citrics to create healthy and smart...
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Jose Luis Rivera


The Farm SoHo

Welcome to EXPOSED Conference

Cynthia Hellen
Virgilia Pruthi

Animal Protein vs. Plant Protein: What You Need To Know

The China Study is the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted (with over 20 years of research and 6,500 participants; it’s a massive study). Due to it’s depth, it’s also...
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Chris Castiglione

Agriculture to Culture: The Social Transformation of Food

Radha Agrawal
Taryn Fixel
Rachna Govani
Greg Sewit
Ariel Glazer

A Quantified Sense of Self

Do you track anything about your wellness? Steven has been tracking himself off and on for almost two decades. He will share what led him to self-tracking and how he’s...
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Steven Dean

Breaking Down: Mind, Body, and Soul

Nitika Chopra
Elizabeth Wilkes
Nicole Cardoza
Dr. Veronica Ruelas
Dr. Idit Harel

Purpose and Profit: Health Before Wealth

Jovanka Ciares
Matthew Conforti
Virgilia Pruthi
Karen Watson

Redefining Wealth Hosted by Wellthily

Suzie Baleson
Candice Kumai
Max Lugavere
Alexandra Blodgett


The Farm SoHo

Working Out: Your Bollywood Star Sponsored By Doonya

Learn how Doonya empowers their #DOers to live their strongest life through mind-muscle connection and the spirit of Bollywood. Bring your dancing shoes… or sneakers… for Doonya’s dance-fitness!
Rohan Sheth

Super Smoothies: Building the Perfect Breakfast Sponsored by Renaissance Swag

Learn how to build easy & nutritious Super Smoothies! We’ll be covering the best shake combinations for breakfast and post workout recovery. Explaining the benefits of each ingredient for your...
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Renaissance Swag

Health Hacks Sponsored By The Wellness Project

Come get schooled on why Holistic Health is for everyone (not just Hippy Dippy Crazies, busy New Yorkers included!), and the top 5 holistic hacks to increase happiness, productivity, and...
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Sarah E. Jacobs
Rachel Brown

Simple Spices: Sustainable Indian Flavors Sponsored by Masala Mama

Join us for an easy-to-follow recipe and ready-to-use spice blends that take all the guesswork out of Indian cooking, while retaining the delicious and complex flavors of authentic Indian cuisine.
Nidhi Jalan

Bella Bliss Sponsored by BellaVita

Be guided on a 30 minute journey of restorative meditation. In this short session you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. An introduction to a much needed experience for all New...
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Emily “Omily” Hursh
Elena G. Simon
Izabella Steele

Food as Medicine Sponsored by Ox Verte

We’re finally starting to view food as medicine, but what does that really mean? How do we really apply that to our lives and sort through all the information (and misunderstandings) around us?...
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Jessie Gould

The Wellthily Mindfulness

Dr. Jamie Zimmerman

Ending Remarks

Cynthia Hellen
Virgilia Pruthi


The Farm SoHo


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