About Us


The concept for EXPOSED arose organically, when interest in a 2015 talk on food and wellness hosted by SMPLCT Lab became the interest of startups, to corporations, students to influencers. Simultaneously, founder of SMPLCT Lab, Cynthia Hellen, began experiencing a health crisis of her own, and upon sharing her story with others, realized the crisis of disconnection from the mental and physical health and wellness was on everyone’s mind. The more she shared her story, the more experts and entrepreneurs dedicated to fixing this crisis she met, and the more people wanted to be a part of an epic event that brought their knowledge to the public.  Instead of being exposed to the daily assault of chemicals and toxins in many foods and products, attendees can expose themselves to expert knowledge on good food, improving their health, wellness, and their lives.

EXPOSED is a three-day interactive food, wellness & social impact event in New York City featuring notable speakers, workshops, vendors from the health, lifestyle, nutrition and sustainability space who all aim to share ideas on positive living and best practices. Our mission is to give you the ability to center your mind to improve your productivity and get you ready for the new year with information, inspiration, and sustainable ingredients from  leaders, for-profits, and not-for-profit organizations.


SMPLCT Lab (pronounced “simplicity”) is a design lab that creates sustainable products, services and experiences for people and planet.

We are a multi-disciplinary team from diverse backgrounds creating cross cultural collaboration between communities; designing low-cost solutions; and educating society on sustainable living.

We partner with visionary leaders, corporations, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations to evaluate problems, spot opportunities, and work together to create environmental and social change. 

We work across a broad spectrum of industries, including education, energy, healthcare, media and technology. Using human-centered, design strategy, fieldwork, storytelling, exploratory design, and prototyping – we deliver products, and experiences that change not only the way we tackle local and global challenges but break perception on poverty.