Matthew Conforti

Consultant, ReWork

Matthew Conforti

Consultant, ReWork
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We began our respective careers in different cities, industries, and sectors, working on all sorts of projects for organizations big and small—but what we all had in common was a relentless desire to find work that inspires us, challenges us, and also pays the bills.

In the years that followed, we came to realize that there is no road map for finding meaningful work. No structured career path for people to figure out where and how they can make a difference. No community of people dedicated to this pursuit.

So that is exactly what we set out to build.

With this vision in mind, ReWork emerged from the 2011 Unreasonable Institute with a mission to help talented people find meaningful work, and to channel their energy into innovative organizations that are changing our world for the better.

We spent years asking questions, listening, and learning. We talked to hundreds of frustrated professionals, had thousands of people express excitement in our vision, and have been overwhelmed by the waves of incredibly accomplished people who have joined our Talent Pool.

We’ve had deep discussions over countless cups of coffee with the leaders of purpose-driven organizations all across the country. We’ve dug into their frustrations about the challenges of attracting the people they need to scale their impact.

And we’ve sought to understand why the traditional model of recruitment is just not working for the vast majority of these organizations. Equipped with these experiences and insights, we’ve set out to turn recruiting on its head.

Our mission is to ensure that every organization making a substantive impact on the most urgent social, environmental, and cultural challenges of our time has reliable access to the people they need.

And we won’t stop until we live in a world where it’s just common sense for the brightest minds of each generation to dedicate their careers towards realizing their own vision for a better world. The only question is, will you help us make it happen?