Radha Agrawal

Founder, Super Sprowtz

Radha Agrawal

Founder, Super Sprowtz
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Radha launched Super Sprowtz in 2011 after she and her identical twin sister Miki launched their farm-to-table gluten-free pizza restaurants, Wild, in New York City and she noticed children were not ordering vegetables on their pizzas. As an experiment, she created “super hero” characters for a children’s menu where the characters had super powers that were directly related to their nutritional benefit (ie. Colby Carrot had “super sight” because carrots are good for the eyes, etc.) and she watched child after child run to the counter to order vegetables for their pizzas to gain the super powers of the “Super Sprowtz.” Radha witnessed the power of storytelling and the immediate behavioral change it inspired in children and Super Sprowtz was born. She has since raised millions of dollars to grow the company and now reaches over a million families around the world (supersprowtz.com)

She and her twin sister Miki launched Wild in 2005 (formerly “Slice”) and have grown the restaurants to three locations around the country – two in New York City and one in Downtown Las Vegas where Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos and best-selling author of “Delivering Happiness,” is their main investor and partner. (eatdrinkwild.com)

In 2013, Radha, along with her twin sister Miki and best friend Antonia, launched THINX on Kickstarter where they pre-sold thousands of pairs of underwear on the crowd funding site. As busy women running several businesses, every month, they would have “accidents” and decided to do something to solve the problem 2 billion women face around the world.

She and her partners were recipients of the 2013 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards for THINX and their work in menstruation management for their invention of a “leak and stain resistant”

technology to help women manage their monthly cycle in both developed and developing countries where 100 million women drop out of school because of their periods. They have since raised seed funding to grow the brand with a “Buy One, Fund One” program where every pair of underwear bought would provide funding for seven washable, reusable cloth pads for women in developing countries, keeping them in school. They were one of 30 brands chosen to be featured on TOMS Marketplace in 2014 and have won several competitions, including the CrowdFundX Challenge in New York City and the Grommet Challenge in Boston, beating out hundreds of teams. (shethinx.com)

She has spoken at the London Film Festival’s Power To The Pixel Conference in London, Campbell’s Soup Headquarters in New Jersey, the United Nations in New York City, Cornell University in Ithaca, and has presented Super Sprowtz to hundreds of thousands of children around the country including the White House, Reebok HQ and Lincoln Center for the Arts. She also has a permanent exhibit for Super Sprowtz at the Children’s Museum on Manhattan.

Radha has been called “one of eight women who will change the world” by MTV in 2014, and one of 20 “Millenials on a Mission” by Forbes in 2013. She was a recipient of the 2013 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards.

She is a graduate of Cornell University and is half Japanese, half Indian and French Canadian, born and raised in Montreal, Canada. She currently resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with her identical twin sister, Miki.